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There are two general types of Chrome Plating.  Hard Chrome Plating and Decorative Chrome Plating.

Hard Chrome Plating is applied as a fairly heavy coating for wear resistance, lubricity, oil retention and other'wear' purposes.  Examples would be hydraulic cylinder rods, piston rings etc.  It is almost always applied to items that are made of steel and is not really shiny or decorative.

Classics & Chrome provide Decorative Chrome Plating.  It is sometimes called nickel-chrome plating because it always involves plating nickel before plating the chrome.  The chrome plating in decorative chrome plating is a thin surface.  However, it is still a very hard surface.

When you look at a decorative chromium plated surface, such as a bumper, most of what you are seeing is actually the nickel.  The chrome adds a bluish cast and it protects against tarnish, and minimizes scratching.  Without the brilliant nickel undercoating you would not have a reflective, decorative surface.

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